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Getting notified of new Microsoft events using Power Automate

If you are a regular visitor to my blog you will know of my passion of leverage Power Automate to notify me of the latest happenings within the Microsoft technology space and today post is no different.

Today, I am going to publish Microsoft events into Microsoft Teams and because we are using Power Automate. You are not just limited to publishing into Teams but you could even send an email, update a SharePoint list etc..

So first of all I have created a new Channel within my Organisation Wide Announcements Team as shown below.

We will open Power Automate and configure the required flow to publish the below into Microsoft Teams.

Launch Power Automate
Click Create –> Automated Cloud Flow

Provide a Flow Name i.e (Microsoft Event RSS Push)
Select “When a feed item is published”

Enter the RSS feed url “”

Select PublishDate
Click New Step

Search for Microsoft Teams Connector
Select Post a message (V3)

Specify your Team and Channel
Populate your Subject with the Feed title
Populate your Message with Primary feed link and Feed Summary.

When the first run happens it will flood the channel with all current active events but after this point you will receive a steady flow of events.

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Heres your chance to take PL-900 Fundamentals Exam for free

This year Microsoft have made PL-900 free for all thoses that attend the below event and for probably the last time this year. Heres another opportunity for you to take the exam for FREE!

Having completed this exam myself, I do strongly suggest you take this opportunity and get this baseline certification on your transcript.

17th December 2020, 10:00-13:25 (GMT+01:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

The Author – Blogabout.Cloud