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Microsoft Spotlight Podcast needs you as our guest speakers.

Hi there

The Microsoft Spotlight Podcast is looking for guest speakers from the Women In Tech community to jump on an episode with myself (Andrew Price) and a fellow IT Professional Jon Jarvis, where we will discuss everything from how you got into IT and all the way through to the present day.

It is our mission to promote IT Professionals regardless of;

their ethnicity,
their religion or beliefs,
sexual orientation,
their race,
their ability or lack of ability,
nationality or accent.

During my time as a Microsoft MVP, I was lucky enough to create a successful Microsoft focused User Group and Conference where I saw a lack of submissions for sessions from the Women in Technology space. I want to address this balance as there are a lot of talented women within the Microsoft space and it’s time to promote the excellent work they do.

If you fancy joining us later this year and telling us your story, please submit your interest to

We expect each episode to last between 30-60mins.

The Author – Blogabout.Cloud

Recommended Podcasts

There are a number of brilliant podcasts available, heres my recommendations.

GreyHatBeard Podcast


This podcast has been running since X and is hosted by;
The Grey – Kevin McDonnell
The Hat – Alan Eardley
The Beard – Garry Trinder

In this podcast they look at the Microsoft 365 Stack. I know Alan personally as he was one of my selected speakers for a User Group at I hosted in the United Kingdom. He has since pushed on and spoken at Microsoft events earning himself MVP status in the process.

The Cloud Architects

This podcast has been running since 2017 and is hosted by;
Nicolas Blank – Twitter
Warren du Toit – Twitter
Chris Goosen – Twitter

Inspired by the UC Architects Podcast this trio has come together and delivered regular sessions. Check out their website over at

Microsoft Cloud IT Pro Podcast

This podcast has been running since 2017 and is hosted by;
Ben Stegink – Twitter
Scott Hoag – Twitter

Both Ben and Scott are heavy SharePoint gurus but they discuss all Microsoft 365 workloads in great detail and its a really easy listen. Check out their website at

Microsoft Cloud Show

This podcast has been running since 2013 and is hosted by;
Andrew Connell – Twitter
Chris Johnson – Twitter

This podcast is possible one of the longest-serving that I currently listen to and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. I was lucky to meet Andrew, a few years back in Amsterdam when we were both speaking at Office 365 Engage Conference in Haarlem. Check out their website at

OOFHours Podcast

This podcast has been running since 2020 and is hosted by;
Michael Niehaus – Twitter

This is the one-stop for all things Windows Autopilot, Michael is Principal Program Manager at Microsoft in the Modern deployment team. If you have visited his blog, make sure you do and his podcast can be found here

UCStatus Podcast

This podcast has been running since 2020 and is hosted by;
Mark Vale – Twitter
Randy Chapman – Twitter
Shawn Harry – Twitter

These guys discuss all things Microsoft Teams and 2/3 are the founders of the Commsverse Conference. Check out their website at

The Author – Blogabout.Cloud