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Managing firmware updates for Jabra Devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Updated!! – 21st August 2020

After an interesting call today understanding the offerings from Jabra, my little mind got spinning on how to manage Jabra Devices so firmware patches can be applied. Jabra has 2 different solution approaches, Jabra Xpress and Jabra Direct so let’s incorporate this into Microsoft Endpoint Manager for full modern workspace experience.

Jabra Xpress

This solutions allows you control deployment, settings and firmware updates for all your Jabra devices within your organisation. Heres a quick video from Jabra about Xpress.

The best part of Jabra Xpress it’s completely FREE!! unlike its competitors who charge for the same functionality.

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Jabra Direct

This solution allows the end-user to control updates to their Jabra device, this would only apply where Jabra Xpress is not utilized. In many organizations you may come across a mixture of device vendors so this approach may be better if theres only a handful of devices.

Heres a quick video from Jabra about Xpress.

How does this work with Microsoft Endpoint Manager?

Microsoft Endpoint Manager has the ability to push both client MSI files to the end user workstations or even make it available in the Company Portal.

Jabra Xpress

The MSI package for Jabra Xpress is created within the console, so whether if you have Cloud or On-Premises edition. The client will talk directly back to you corporate console to check for updates.

Once you have downloaded your Jabra Xpress msi installed, head over to

Browse to All Apps via Apps and Click Add

Select Line-of-Business App and press Select

Select the MSI file and Press Ok.

Enter a publisher’s name, as you won’t be able to continue from this point until it has been completed.

Now for the most important element, a command line argument which will link this installation to your Jabra Xpress Dashboard.

When you download the installation files from the Jabra Xpress Portal

You will see 2 .bat files one for x64 and the other x32. You will need to open this file and copy argument and add it under “Command-line arguments”

You may also like to include an image which will appear in the Company Portal, then Press Next

If you are using Scope Tags, select the one relevant to you and Press Next

Define your assignments of the installation of the new application and Press Next

Press Create

This will now install the Jabra Xpress client on my Windows 10 Virtual Machines.


Jabra Direct

For Jabra Direct the same principle applies apart from the Command-line arguments, head over to download the installer from

Add to Apps but under assignment depending on if you have an Azure AD Group for users with Jabra Devices use the “Available for Enrolled Devices” so the end-user can install freely from the Company Portal.

If you would like move information about Jabra Xpress, reach out to Jabra and they will happily provide more information or setup a tech session.

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