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Deploy Win32 Apps with Endpoint Manager (Intune) MSI Edition.

In this post, we will detail how to deploy Win32 Apps with Endpoint Manager. We’ll deploy GitHub with the MSI installer as an example.

Win32 Apps Endpoint Manager Prerequisites

Intune Win32 Application

Prepare Endpoint Manager Win32 application

First, you need to “wrap” all the required files into an Endpoint Manager (Intune) format. To do so, Microsoft has a tool that will “convert” your application into a .intunewin file at the end of the process. The generated .intunewin file contains all compressed and encrypted source setup files and the encryption information to decrypt it.

Important Info
  • To view help, run IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -h.
  • Download the Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool and have the desired application source files.
  • Open a command prompt as admin and browse to the folder of IntuneWinAppUtil.exe
  • Run the following command line
    • IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -c <source folder> -s <source setup file> -o <output folder>
    • In this example we used an HP Driver: IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -c D:\Intune -s GitHubDesktopSetup.msi -o d:\intune

Create Microsoft Endpoint Manager Win32 Application

Endpoint Manager Win32 Apps
  • Select Windows app (Win32) from the App type drop list
  • On the App Information pane click Select App package file and select the previously created .intunewin file and click Ok
  • Complete the missing App Information. Click Next
  • Depending on the application format, install and uninstall command lines will be auto-completed. Adjust the parameter if needed. Click Next
  • On the Requirement pane, OS architecture and minimum OS are required. Click Next
Endpoint Manager Win32 Apps
  • Detection rules work the same way as in ConfigMgr application model. In the case of an MSI, it is simple. Select Manually configure detection rule, select rule type MSI and the MSI Product Code should be auto-populated. Click Next
  • On the Dependencies tab: Software dependencies are applications that must be installed before this application can be installed. Adjust if needed. Click Next
  • On the Assignment tab, select the group of users or computer to deploy the Win32 App
Endpoint Manager Win32 Apps
  • Review your Win32 App setting and click Create
  • At this point, it will upload the.IntuneWin file and soon after, a notification will display to say it’s ready to go!

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Unleashing the power of Microsoft Endpoint Manager against OneDrive for Business

Its time to unleash the power of Microsoft Endpoint Manager against OneDrive for Business. If you are licensed for Microsoft Intune you have so many cool features and policies available to you when it comes to configuring OneDrive for Business. In my role as an IT Architect I am seeing more and more customers moving their data to the cloud and leveraging all the functionality available from Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

One of the biggest changes in behaviour I have seen is moving Group Policies to Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Administrative Template is an execlent solution that has grown in not only populaity but functionality as well. An easy way of finding out if you can move your current on-premises Group Policies to Microsoft Intune is available on GitHub. If you haven’t come across it yet, please check out MMAT on GitHub. One of the most powerful tools for gathering data of what is supported via Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Administrative Templates

Administrative Templates is a growing function within Microsoft Endpoint Manager, in recently times it has included more and more great functionality which covers the following;

– Windows
– Office
– Edge

As we are focusing on just OneDrive lets have a look at what is available to us today. Currently we have 31 different settings available for OneDrive for Business and when I am working with my customers I always recommend looking at the following settings;

– Disable the tutorial that appears at the end of OneDrive setup
– Prevent users from changing the locaton of their OneDrive folder
– Prevent users from fetching files remotely
– Prevent users from moving their Windows known folders to OneDrive
– Prevent users from syncing personal OneDrive accounts
– Set the default location for the OneDrive folder
– Silently move Windows known folders to OneDrive
– Silently sign in users to the OneDrive sync client with their Windows credentials

Polices for Office Apps

This is a new kid to the block and only currently has one policies for OneDrive for Business but expect this to change massively over the course of 2020.

And thats your lot, please check out what Microsoft Endpoint Manager can do for you today as you maybe pleasantly surprised how powerful the Microsoft Cloud has become.

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Getting the most out of GitHub for Microsoft UC Administrators

As a big fan of automation and GitHub, I believe its time a lot of IT Professionals install and adopt GitHub. It provides a wealth of powerful tools and information about Microsoft services we all use today.

Even Microsoft Docs are stored in GitHub and you are able to contribute to the file if you identify something that isn’t 100% correct, allowing the owners to approve or reject your change request. I know this as I have helped with a number of docs pages in recent times.

Pay a visit to the following site and you will obtain a wealth of knowledge you need for Lync, Skype and Teams

You can even clone the Repo to your end user computer with GitHub Desktop.

Cloning the repo allows you to keep all the information in an offline mode and when updates are available you can just pull them down.

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