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Switching on Web Content Filtering in Microsoft Defender ATP

Hello Readers,

Web Content Filtering isn’t new to Microsoft Defender ATP however, Microsoft has now made a change to the licensing model so that web content filtering will be offered as part of Microsoft Defender ATP without any additional partner licensing. So all Microsoft customers are now able to receive the benefits of web content filtering with the need for additional costs.

So everyone right now is…..

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So how do we configure Web Content Filtering?

Launch the following URL which will take you directly to the Web Protection section in ATP.

Under Turn on web content filtering;
– Configure Settings

Switch on Web content filtering

Select Web content filtering and press (+ Add Item)

For the purpose of this post, I am going to block Adult Material.
Type name to the policy for your scenario and Press Next

Select the category you would like to block and Press Next

As I have no device groups, this policy will apply to all devices. Press Next

Review the summary of your configuration and Press Save

Once the policy has applied to all your device if any of the restricted content is accessed they will receive the below.

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Office 365 ATP Recommended Configuration Analyzer Report

The ORCA module is your friend when it comes to reporting on the configuration of ATP. This module makes recommendations on where improvements can be made. So how does it work?

Well I have made this process as simple as it gets

– Download PowerShell Script
– Run PowerShell Script
– Open HTML page


I have made the script intelligent to check for module updates to ensure you are running the latest and greatest.

Head over to my GitHub repo to download the script today 🙂

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