Updating your PowerShell Modules to the latest versions

It is very common that important PowerShell modules used with Microsoft 365 are not updated on client machines. The PowerShell Gallery regulary receives updates to all your favorites modules.

Wouldnt it be nice to have one script that checked and updated all your installed modules? The following script will;

  • Start a transcript to output the console display
  • Get all modules installed
  • Check the PowerShell Gallery to see if an update is available and if so, download then install it.
  • Also provide a clean up by checking the PC for versions of a module and removing all but the latest to ensure that scripts only ever run the latest cmdlets.
  • Stop the transcript and make available on the users desktop.

All you need to do is run the script “As Administrator”

    Author: thewatchernode
    Contact: andrew.moran@lyncme.co.uk
    Published: 16th January 2023

    Tool to assist with removal of legacy installed PowerShell Module from PSGallery

    Version Changes             : 0.1 Initial Script Build
                                : 1.0 Initial Build Release

    Runs script with default values.

    None. You cannot pipe objects to this script.
 #region Shortnames
 $Red = 'Red'
 $Green = 'Green'
 $DarkRed = 'DarkRed'
 $White = 'White'
 $DarkCyan = 'DarkCyan'
 $DarkGray = 'DarkGray'

# Array for Modules
    #$CommonO365Module = @('MSOnline', 'Microsoft365DSC', 'Microsoft.Graph', 'ExchangeOnlineManagement', 'Microsoft.Online.Sharepoint.PowerShell', 'ORCA','AzureAD')
    $Array = @(Get-InstalledModule)
Function Get-ModuleUpdates {# Check and update all modules to make sure that we're at the latest version
# Check and remove older versions of the modules from the PC
    ForEach ($Module in $array) {
    Write-Host 'INFO: Checking for older versions of' $Module.Name 'installed on client device' -BackgroundColor $DarkCyan -ForegroundColor $White
    $AllVersions = Get-InstalledModule -Name $Module.Name -AllVersions
    $AllVersions = $AllVersions | Sort -Property PublishedDate -Descending 
    $MostRecentVersion = $AllVersions[0].Version
    Write-Host 'Most recent version (' $MostRecentVersion ') for' $Module.Name 'is installed on client device'
    If ($AllVersions.Count -gt 1 ) { # More than a single version installed
    ForEach ($Version in $AllVersions) { #Check each version and remove old versions
    If ($Version.Version -ne $MostRecentVersion)  { # Old version - remove
    Write-Host 'Uninstalling version' $Version.Version 'of Module' $Module.Name -BackgroundColor $DarkRed -ForegroundColor $White 
    Uninstall-Module -Name $Module.Name -RequiredVersion $Version.Version -Force
         } #End if
      } #End ForEach
  } #End If
} #End ForEach

 Write-host 'Version information - You are running script version 1.0' -ForegroundColor $White -BackgroundColor $DarkGray
           Updating your PSGallery PowerShell Modules

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Start-Transcript -Path $env:USERPROFILE\desktop\ModuleUpdate_Log.txt

Keep your modules updated!!!

Andrew Moran