Wiki retirement and the future of note taking in Teams Channels

MC496248 · Published 11 Jan 2023

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Message Summary

We announcing that Wiki’s will be retired from Teams. We are offering note taking capabilities through Teams Channels powered by OneNote.are

When this will happen:

The following change will be rolled out starting mid-February

How this affects your organization:

With this release, users have an option to export their wiki content to OneNote notebooks in Teams standard channel. After exporting users can go to the Notes tab to collaborate using OneNote in channels.

Note: With this change users can continue to access and edit existing wikis but can’t create new wikis in Teams channels.

Wiki export to OneNote
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OneNote provides an enhanced note taking experience.

  • Easy collaboration across the team
  • View all channel notes in a team in one place organized within a single notebook
  • Rich editing with typing, ink annotations, highlighting, file attachments, etc.
  • Easy recall & search for channel notes within OneNote on any platform

Upcoming plans

Soon Notes tabs powered by OneNote will be added by default when users create new channels. For now, users can create OneNote tabs manually using the add tab experience (via +).

We will share out the details of Wiki retirement in advance to help our customers prepare for this change.

What you can do to prepare:

We urge users to export their channel wikis to OneNote once it is available.

If your organization has not enabled OneNote you can review this documentation: