Whats new in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap today? 2022-09-30 00:01:13Z

Additions : 2
Updates : 9

More Details At: www.roadmapwatch.com

New FeaturesCurrent Status
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Categorization of user-reported messagesIn Development
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: End user reporting for suspicious messages in Microsoft TeamsIn Development
Updated FeaturesCurrent StatusUpdate Type
OneDrive: Known Folder Move for macOSRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Chat with selfLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Microsoft eCDNLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Viva: Meeting category insights coming to the Viva Insights app in TeamsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Teams Connect shared channelsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Teams Platform Apps in One-on-One VOIP CallsRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: URL and attachment allow & block via submissions for government cloudsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Purview | Data Lifecycle Management: Simulation mode for automatically applied retention labelsIn DevelopmentDescription
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Tenant blocks via admin submissionRolling OutStatus

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