Whats new in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap today? 16th June 2022

Additions : 7
Updates : 6

More Details At: www.roadmapwatch.com

New Features Current Status
Microsoft Teams: Start a Teams Chat with Distribution Groups, Mail-enabled Security Groups, and O365 Groups In Development
Microsoft Teams: User request configuration to external systems (URL redirect) In Development
SharePoint: Inline playback of videos in Hero web part In Development
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Automatically allow Spoofing and Impersonation related messages directly using Admin Submissions In Development
Microsoft Forms: Convert Word/Pdf quiz into Microsoft Forms In Development
Microsoft Teams: Adobe PDF experience In Development
Microsoft Edge: More reliable web defense In Development
Updated Features Current Status Update Type
Microsoft Viva: Topics in Teams Rolling Out Status
Microsoft Teams: Co-organizer Meeting Role for GCC-High In Development Title, Description
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Exchange Online Protection- Customizable Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) configuration Rolling Out Status
Microsoft Teams: Dynamic caller ID for call queue agents Rolling Out Status
Microsoft Teams: Admins can pin message extensions Launched Description
Outlook: Microsoft Feed on the Outlook Mobile Search Page Rolling Out Status

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