Whats new in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap today? Star Wars Day Edition

Additions : 3
Updates : 10

More Details At: www.roadmapwatch.com

New Features Current Status
Microsoft Teams: Parent Connection with chat, email or phone call In Development
Microsoft Teams: Approvals in integrated SharePoint Lists In Development
Microsoft Teams: Additional filters added to the approvals list In Development
Updated Features Current Status Update Type
OneDrive: Sync client support for Apple Silicon Launched Status
SharePoint: Create from the SharePoint app bar Rolling Out Status
OneDrive: Sync client support for ARM on Windows Launched Status
Visio: Grids and Snap to Grids in Visio for the web [Visio Plan 1, Plan 2] In Development Title
Microsoft Teams: App lists and banners in the app management page Launched Status
Microsoft Viva: Enroll in Focus plan from the Microsoft Viva Insights app in Teams Launched Status
SharePoint: Updates to channel site layouts and parent team site settings Rolling Out Status
Microsoft Teams: Teams webinar capabilities in GCC Launched Status
Microsoft Teams: Custom Banner for Emergency Calling Launched Status
Microsoft Viva: Inspiration Library in Microsoft Viva Insights Launched Status

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