Come and see the Microsoft Spotlight Podcast at South Coast Summit

I am excited to announce that the Microsoft Spotlight Podcast will be at the South Coast Summit on the 16th of October in Southampton, UK. Myself and Jon are looking forward to presenting a roundtable discussion with 3 of our previous guests along with Helen Walker.

You can still grab tickets for this event over at

Roundtable – Microsoft Spotlight Podcast – Women In Teams Discussion Panel

Saturday 4:00 PM · 40 min · Ageas Media Centre

Speakers – Andrew Moran, Jon Jarvis, Sara Fennah, Zoe Wilson, Sophie Dimelow, Helen Walker

The Microsoft Spotlight Podcast highlights the importance of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion within the Microsoft Community.

This session will talk with a number of high profile Women In Teams Community about their journey into the world of IT and how “us” as a community can engage more women to get involved.

This will provide insight into the challenges our panel has faced and how they manage to carve out a successful career in IT, the goals that they have set for themselves and how we can get women in technical or non-technical roles throughout the industry.

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