Whats new in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap today? 1st September; 2021

Additions : 2
Updates : 25

New FeaturesCurrent Status
Microsoft To Do: iOS app available for GCC customersIn Development
Microsoft Graph: Identity – Paging for app role assignmentsIn Development
Updated FeaturesCurrent StatusUpdate Type
Windows: Location choice for Windows Virtual Desktop service dataCancelledStatus, Description
Outlook on the Web: Send from proxy addresses (aliases)Rolling OutStatus
Excel: Notes in Excel on the webRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Search: Admin FeedbackRolling OutStatus
Microsoft 365 compliance Center: Advanced eDiscovery: Release of Graph APIsIn DevelopmentTitle
Bookings: Clone an existing Bookings calendarLaunchedStatus
Bookings: Add an attachment to notification emailsCancelledStatus, Description
Bookings: Updates to Staff rolesLaunchedStatus
Bookings: Updated user experienceLaunchedStatus
Yammer: Browse community files stored in SharePoint with SharePoint library structure and capabilities.LaunchedStatus
Outlook for Windows: Suggested filesLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Revised in-meeting Share experience in DODRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Live Captions in additional spoken languages for Teams MeetingsRolling OutStatus
Microsoft 365 compliance center: Advanced eDiscovery: Collection of Teams conversation as transcriptLaunchedStatus, Title
Outlook: Share photos through Outlook for AndroidLaunchedStatus
Bookings: Toggle available for preview experienceLaunchedStatus
Outlook: Play My Emails available in more countriesRolling OutStatus
Outlook and Exchange: Microsoft Outlook browser extension for EdgeLaunchedStatus
Bookings: Microsoft Bookings for Frontline WorkersLaunchedStatus
SharePoint: Tenant setting to disable the creation of new SharePoint 2013 workflowsLaunchedStatus
OneDrive: Universal Print integration with OneDrive web for work or schoolRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams meetings LTI application for educational learning management systems (LMS)LaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Live transcript in Teams meetings in additional spoken languagesRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Edge v.93: Policies to bypass ClickOnce and DirectInvoke promptsIn DevelopmentDescription
Microsoft Edge v.95: File:// type links will be opened from the browserIn DevelopmentTitle, Description

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