Enabling Self Service Password Reset

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In this post, I will show you how to configure Self Service Password Reset for your organization. This option is designed to reduce the workload on Service Desks and provide a solution whereby end-users are able to reset this account password.

Launch Azure Portal https://portal.azure.com

Go to Azure Active Directory

Select Users

Select Password Reset

For users to authenticate to reset their password you need to define the best security method for your organization. Click on Authentication methods and select whether you want 1 or 2 methods to be required to reset. Then select the options you want available as shown below

We now need to ensure that users are required to register for Password Reset –> Select Registration and select Yes. You can also get users to reconfirm their authentication information after a set amount of days.

Some additional steps you can make are;

Notify a user when their password has been reset
Notify all admins when another admin resets their password

Provide a link to your helpdesk for the end-user if they are having difficulties.

On-premises integration
If you are using Password Writeback with Azure Active Directory Connect. You can able users to write back their password to an on-premises directory and allows users to unlock accounts without resetting their password.

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