Allowing end-users to change the update channel for Microsoft Office

I have always been a big advocate for Microsoft Apps for Enterprise since falling into it very early on in my consultancy career so much so I have delivered talks to User Groups and Conferences.

In my presentation I spoke heavily about channel management and why channels should be changed based on the type of end user. Microsoft have now received the ability for administrators to “allow” end users modify their own Office channel.

I see a number of positives but also negatives especially when it comes to third party plugin or applications that may not be supported in a particular channel release.

So how do users change the channel?

This can be done via two methods

  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Administrative Template
  • Group Policy Template

For this post I am going to demonstrate via Microsoft Endpoint Manager but the path of the setting is in the same place in Group Policy.

Launch Microsoft Endpoint Manager and browse to Devices -> Configuration Policy.

Click Create Policy
Select Windows 10 and later for Platform
Select Templates for Profile type
Select Administrative Templates for Template name
Then press Create

Provide a name and description like below then press next

The policy we want to configure lives under two locations, but you only need to configure one.

– ‘Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Office 2016 (Machine)/Miscellaneous’
– ‘User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Office 2016/Miscellaneous’ nodes.

Tick Enable and select the channels you want to make available to the end user.

Select any Scope tags you may require then press Next

Add your Assignment Groups then press Next

Click Create

Once the policy has been assigned to the workstation the end user will be able to switch channel on your selection earlier. Thats how simple it is to end users to have the ability to modify their own channel

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