Whats new in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap today? 17th June 2021

Additions : 3
Updates : 8

New FeaturesCurrent Status
Microsoft Teams: New default settings when opening Office filesIn Development
Outlook: Rich AutoReply Toolbar for AndroidIn Development
Outlook: Rich Event Description ToolBarIn Development
Updated FeaturesCurrent StatusUpdate Type
Microsoft Teams: Attendee DashboardRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Together mode for GCC-HighLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Update to meeting participant’s access to meeting chatLaunchedStatus
SharePoint: Scenario-Based Site TemplatesRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Information Protection: Ability to test Exact Data MatchLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Outgoing participant video in meetings in SafariLaunchedDescription
Microsoft Information Protection: Exact Data Match to support Auto-labelingRolling OutStatus
SharePoint: Admin center – Migration Manager: Dropbox migrationsLaunchedStatus

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