Whats new in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap today? 1st June 2021

Additions : 4
Updates : 20

New FeaturesCurrent Status
OneDrive: Sharing experience – “Shared with” listIn Development
OneDrive: Sharing experience – Manage Access settingsIn Development
OneDrive: Sharing experience – Share menu dropdownIn Development
OneDrive: Sharing experience – Copy linkIn Development
Updated FeaturesCurrent StatusUpdate Type
Microsoft Teams: Call Merge for GCCRolling OutStatus
SharePoint admin: New SharePoint admin center home pageRolling OutStatus
Outlook for Android: End user options for Delegate permissionsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Reporting and analytics improvements in Teams Admin Center for 1000-person webinars and meetingsLaunchedTitle, Description
SharePoint admin center: updated homepage dashboardRolling OutStatus
Microsoft 365 compliance center: Third-party data connectorsRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Align the experience creating a team from different Teams interfacesLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Anonymous user usage reportsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Scheduled access reviews for Guest usersLaunchedStatus
Microsoft 365 compliance center: Data loss prevention (DLP) solution overview pageRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Templates for creation of a new TeamRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Information Protection: Outlook support for DisableMandatoryInOutlook and OutlookDefaultLabel settingsLaunchedStatus
Outlook and Word: Dictation in Desktop and Mac now available for GCC and GCC-High TenantsRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Admins can install Apps in MeetingsRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Together Mode ExtensibilityRolling OutStatus
OneDrive: iOS – Outline for PDF viewingLaunchedStatus
OneDrive: iOS – Jump to Page for PDF viewingLaunchedStatus
OneDrive: Android – Jump to Page for PDF viewingLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Expanded limits for protected users within anti-phishing policies.Rolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Apps in Meeting Chats with External UsersRolling OutStatus

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