Preparing your organisation for Microsoft Viva Connections

Upgrade to SharePoint Online

Upgrade to SharePoint Online to store and manage the content, applications, and resources that facilitate teamwork; find information quickly; and collaborate seamlessly across the organization.

Create a SharePoint home site

Deploy a SharePoint home site and establish a landing place for your organization on the intelligent intranet.

Launch your SharePoint Admin Portal to create a new home site. Under Sites, click Active sites and create

Select Communications Site

You can use a predefined site design or create a new layout from blank.
– Provide Site Name, which generates a URL which will be required later in this article.
– Provide Site owner, an administrator you can administers the site.
Click Finish

 # Install SharePoint Online Module
 Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell 
 # Connect to SharePoint Online
 $cred = Get-Credential
 Connect-SPOService -Credential $cred -Url ''
 # Get Home Site

 # Set Home Site
 Set-SPOHomeSite -HomeSiteUrl ''

Share Site with your organization

Once the site has been created you will need to provide access to the relevant people within your organization. So first of all, you need to open the new site and click Share

Microsoft has made it very easy to share the site with everyone in the organization and prevent external sharing. If you type “Everyone” into the search as shown below you will see the required group (Everyone except external users) or you could add your own Security groups/users.

Untick “Send email” and click “Share”

Customizing the Global Navigation tab

This is an optional element to complete and for this post I am only going to point you at the Microsoft documentation.

Switch on Enable Global Navigation and change navigation source to Home site.

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