Whats new in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap today? 31st March 2021

Additions : 11
Updates : 26

New FeaturesCurrent Status
Word: Dark ModeIn Development
Word for the Web: Text PredictionsIn Development
Yammer: Nested Replies in YammerIn Development
Microsoft Compliance center: Data loss prevention (DLP) solution overview pageIn Development
Azure Active Directory: Password Protection Enforced for all ChangesIn Development
Microsoft Graph: Graph connectors Results in All tabIn Development
Office 365: Microsoft feedback management controlsIn Development
Microsoft compliance center: New DLP alert management dashboardIn Development
Microsoft Teams: Breakout Room Presenter supportIn Development
Microsoft Teams: New assignment experience in modal window for Breakout RoomsIn Development
Microsoft Teams: Breakout Room pre-meeting room creation and participant assignmentIn Development
Updated FeaturesCurrent StatusUpdate Type
Microsoft Intune: Management of Surface firmware settingsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Graph: [TEAMWORK] Resource-specific consent API (Preview)LaunchedStatus
Microsoft Graph: [TEAMWORK] Post to Activity Feed API (Preview)LaunchedStatus
Outlook on the Web: More options added to “Insert Link” iconLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Meeting RecapLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams panelsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Voice-enabled ChannelsRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Updated layouts for meetings on AndroidRolling OutStatus
Windows Virtual Desktop: Enable deallocated VMs to start automatically when a user connectsLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Improvements to Alerts and HuntingRolling OutStatus
Outlook for iOS: Extending suggested replies in more languages worldwideLaunchedStatus
Outlook for Android: Extending suggested replies in additional languages world wideLaunchedStatus
SharePoint Syntex: Search inside training files while building document understanding modelsLaunchedStatus
Syntex: Model usage analytics in content centerLaunchedStatus
Outlook: on the web – New location for Outlook modulesRolling OutStatus
Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Ability to delete a record labelRolling OutStatus
Microsoft 365 Compliance Center | Records management: Increased file plan import limitsLaunchedStatus
Exchange Admin Center: Another User Feature in New EACLaunchedStatus
OneDrive: Quickly change permissions in OneDrive/SharePoint share controls.Rolling OutStatus
Outlook: My Day pane available in Office.comRolling OutStatus
SharePoint Syntex: Document understanding model improvements – extractor rename; model rename & duplication supportLaunchedStatus
SharePoint Syntex: Document understanding model improvements – consolidated explanation typesLaunchedStatus
SharePoint Syntex: Syntex license expiration – disable experiences in UXLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Teams: Forms Polls in Teams Meetings ImprovementsRolling OutStatus
Forms: Split sending and sharing entry pointRolling OutStatus
Office 365: Dictation improvements in Word for Mac including voice commandsCancelledStatus

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