Coming soon: Microsoft VIVa Learning

Microsoft recently announce a new product called Microsoft Viva which has 4 pillars

In this blog post I am going to focus on Learning, as a member of a large organisation that has multiple platforms for Learning Tools. I can definitely see a use case within my organisation.

Whats is Microsoft Viva Learning

Microsoft Viva Learning add a new experience within Microsoft Teams where all learning platforms can be consolidated to a single location. As you can see from my screenshot below this functionality is yet to be released, so definitely keep an eye on updates from Microsoft.

Microsoft has built a new, transformational learning experience that makes organisation learning content available in one place – including LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, third-party content providers, Learning Management Systems, and a company’s own content.

Microsoft partnered with the following 3rd parties which you will be able to included into Learning.

Social Learning

You will see the term Social Learning mentioned with Microsoft Viva, this refers to sharing content in a chat or channel in Microsoft Teams. The example Microsoft have used is “Onboarding” and for me makes perfect sense. As a new starter within my organisation, getting access to all the onboarding content from a centralized platform is key to the success of integrating a new member to your team.

Enter text to search for content, then select the items you want to add to the current tab.
Image taken from Microsoft

Personal Learning

Browsing Microsoft Viva Learning, you will be able to find content that you are interested in and Microsoft uses Graph to recommend learning content based on signals.

Use the My Learning tab to browse and search for learning content.

Once you have found content you are interested in, it can be assigned to you for consumption.

Learning Tools

Learning tools introduces “Assign and Manage” that lets you share relevant, interesting and important learning content with others. Whether its your line manager sharing content with you or you sharing content with colleagues within your group or team. You can use the manage tab to track the progress and complete of the courses.

Assign And Manage lets you share useful content with others.

So thats completes this introduction to Microsoft Viva, I hope to release more content about the product as it continues to develop.

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