Deploying Microsoft Dynamics Office Add-in from Centralized deployment

Before deploying anything from the Centralized Deployment it is recommended that you check if your organisation supports this process.

This can be easily done by installing the following MSI and running the following PowerShell Cmdlets;

Import-Module O365CompatibilityChecker

During my testing, I had to manually connect to Exchange Online using the following cmdlet;


Once I had manually connected to Exchange Online the Invoke command completed successful and drop the output file here;

c:\windows\system32 called output.csv

In the containing csv file you will see something like below.

If your organization meets all requirements, complete the following steps to publish an Office Add-in via Centralized Deployment:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 Admin Portal and select Integrated apps
  2. Click Get apps

Search for Microsoft Dynamic Office Add-In and click Get it now

Click Continue
Specify who the app for as per the screenshot below
Press Next

Press Next

Press Finish Deployment

You can launch Excel or Excel Online to use the add-in as shown below

Then just Launch the Add-in via My Add-Ins

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