Whats new in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap today? 10th February 2021

Additions : 7
Updates : 9

New FeaturesCurrent Status
Syntex: Model usage analytics in content centerIn Development
Microsoft 365 compliance center: Insider Risk Management recognizes sensitivity label downgradeIn Development
Microsoft Teams: PowerShell Support for Team TemplatesIn Development
Microsoft 365: Apps will require Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtimeIn Development
Microsoft Search: Actionable items in searchIn Development
Microsoft Teams: Manage team templates with template policiesIn Development
Windows Virtual Desktop: choose the Japan geography to store the Windows Virtual Desktop service metadataIn Development
Updated FeaturesCurrent StatusUpdate Type
OneDrive: Expiring access for external usersIn DevelopmentStatus
Microsoft Lists: rules – built on SharePointRolling OutStatus
Microsoft 365 Admin Center: New simplified view for very small businessesLaunchedStatus
Microsoft Compliance center: Compliance capabilities for card content generated through apps in Teams messagesRolling OutStatus
Microsoft 365 admin center: Aggregated views of Service Health across partner-managed tenantsRolling OutStatus
Exchange: Application Access Policy Support in EWSLaunchedStatus
Word: Better collaboration with modern comments for MacRolling OutStatus
Word: Better collaboration with modern commentsRolling OutStatus
Microsoft Teams: Disable/Enable all Attendees’ VideoIn DevelopmentTitle

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