Microsoft Spotlight Podcast needs you as our guest speakers.

Hi there

The Microsoft Spotlight Podcast is looking for guest speakers from the Women In Tech community to jump on an episode with myself (Andrew Price) and a fellow IT Professional Jon Jarvis, where we will discuss everything from how you got into IT and all the way through to the present day.

It is our mission to promote IT Professionals regardless of;

their ethnicity,
their religion or beliefs,
sexual orientation,
their race,
their ability or lack of ability,
nationality or accent.

During my time as a Microsoft MVP, I was lucky enough to create a successful Microsoft focused User Group and Conference where I saw a lack of submissions for sessions from the Women in Technology space. I want to address this balance as there are a lot of talented women within the Microsoft space and it’s time to promote the excellent work they do.

If you fancy joining us later this year and telling us your story, please submit your interest to

We expect each episode to last between 30-60mins.

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