Configuring Office 365 Service Communications API within your own Azure Active Directory.

Office 365 Service Communications API enables an organization to gather data about the Microsoft 365 tenancy and in this post we will be looking at Service Health.


  • Relevant Azure Active Directory Permissions to create an app
    • Global Administrator,
    • Application Administrator
    • Cloud Application administrator
  • Licensed for Power Automate either;
    • Per-user plan
    • Per-user plan with attended RPA
    • Per Flow plan

Configuring Azure Active Directory

Login into the Azure Portal via and browser to Azure Azure Directory then select App Registrations –> New Registration

Now enter a Name for the application i.e. Office 365 Service Communications API, select Accounts in this organizational directory only

The Redirect URI can be ignored as it no longer necessary and then click Register.

The registered app you just created will now be displayed – click on API permissions on the left hand menu. Click on the Add a permission button in the Configured permissions section. Select Office 365 Management API in the Request API permissions section.

Select Application permissions as the type of permissions your application requires. Then Select ServiceHealth.Read as the permissions required and then select the Add permissions button.

Granting Tenant Admin Consent

The application is now configured with the permissions it needs to use the Office 365 Management APIs but first it needs an admin to grant these permissions. A Global Administrator, Application Administrator or Cloud Application administrator must explicitly grant your application these permissions. This is granting the app permissions to use the APIs to access your tenant’s data. 

If you do not have the necessary role please advise the admin to follow this link and provide them with the name of your App Registration to review and approve.

If you have the necessary Global Administrator, Application Administrator or Cloud Application administrator role click on the Grant admin consent to <tenant name> button.

Generate a new key / client secret for your application

Navigate to the main page for the App Registration you just created, now make a note of the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID as you will need these later to access the Office 365 Management API using the app just created. Now Client secret needs to be generated to be used for authentication to the APIs – click on Certificates & Secrets on the left hand menu.

IMPORTANT: Now make a note of the Client Secret created i.e. BlahBlah-BlahBlah. It is important that this is done now as once this window is closed the Client secret will no longer be visible.

This completes the process for configuring Office 365 Service Communications API. The next step will be using either PowerShell or Power Automate to present the data.

If you would to utilize Power Automate check out this blog post I created.

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