Bringing your Microsoft 365 Reporting into Microsoft Teams

More and more organisations are looking at way to leverage automation within their environments and as an Architect I am seeing a lot conversations about reporting.

So this is where Microsoft Teams and Power BI go hand in hand. It is really simple to bring in the native reporting into a Microsoft Teams Channel using a default Power BI template as I am now going to demostrate.


  • Power BI is installed on your client machine
  • Microsoft Teams is installed on your client machine

Configuring Power BI

First of all you need to download the Microsoft 365 reporting template from the Microsoft Download center and store in a easy location as we will need this template file during this post. Next we need launch your Power BI client and click Open other reports

Select the template file you have just downloaded and click open

You will now need to provide your tenant ID, this can be easily found by going to, select Azure Active Directory and within the overview pane you will see your tenant ID.

Click Load and the template will now start gathering the required data, You may be prompted to provide Administrator credentials in order to gather the data from your Microsoft 365 Tenant. Once all data has been gathered you will be provided with a dashboard like below showing all the statatics that have been gathered.

We now need to publish this Power BI Report in order to leverage in Microsoft Teams.

Select the destination of where you would like the report stored and give it a name and phyiscal storage location on your device or network.

Once the report has been successful published to Power BI we are now ready to put this report into your Microsoft Teams Channel(s)

Publishing Report to Microsoft Teams

So within your Microsoft Teams client select the require and channel you would like to publish Power BI to, click the plus symbol as shown below.

Select Power BI

Select your report and save

And as if like magic you have published Microsoft 365 reporting into Microsoft Teams.

As I have only just run through the basics you can exactly modify the template look and feel to customize it to your needs or even your customers needs. So there you have it, Power BI, Microsoft Teams automation using Microsoft 365 reporting.

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