Coming soon – Microsoft Spotlight; a dedicated podcast to the Microsoft Industry

Microsoft Spotlight is a podcast that aims to deliver a platform where regardless of;

their ethnicity,
their religion or beliefs,
sexual orientation,
their race,
their ability or lack of ability,
nationality or accent.

Like-minded IT professionals are able to sit down and discuss Microsoft technologies without fear so they can promote their passion and work within the technology sector. It is important for us to showcase the very best talent working hard to get their image/name recognised within the industry.

We will be casting the spotlight on ….

In our experience, we have met and attended a number of sessions that have been delivered by women In technology. However, there is a huge disconnect between the number of Women In Technology and number of women attending conferences or even being selected to speak. We feel that the industry is full of outstanding contributing members to not only Microsoft technologies but throughout the whole IT market.

It is our goal to shine a spotlight on the Women in Technology

So if you are a Microsoft employee, Microsoft MVP, Community Leader, Active Speaker, or just a regular Women in Technology. We would love to hear from you and discuss the work that you are actively doing.

We will also be casting our light on ….

We will be speaking to industry recognised professionals about Microsoft, tech and community events that they are either apart of or speaking at. Plus, what is a Microsoft Value Professional and how do you become one?

Microsoft Spotlight are supporters of the Diversity Charter, please support this cause so we can all make the world a better place.

The Author – Blogabout.Cloud
Producer of Microsoft Spotlight