Unleashing the power of Microsoft Endpoint Manager against OneDrive for Business

Its time to unleash the power of Microsoft Endpoint Manager against OneDrive for Business. If you are licensed for Microsoft Intune you have so many cool features and policies available to you when it comes to configuring OneDrive for Business. In my role as an IT Architect I am seeing more and more customers moving their data to the cloud and leveraging all the functionality available from Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

One of the biggest changes in behaviour I have seen is moving Group Policies to Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Administrative Template is an execlent solution that has grown in not only populaity but functionality as well. An easy way of finding out if you can move your current on-premises Group Policies to Microsoft Intune is available on GitHub. If you haven’t come across it yet, please check out MMAT on GitHub. One of the most powerful tools for gathering data of what is supported via Microsoft Endpoint Manager.


Administrative Templates

Administrative Templates is a growing function within Microsoft Endpoint Manager, in recently times it has included more and more great functionality which covers the following;

– Windows
– Office
– Edge

As we are focusing on just OneDrive lets have a look at what is available to us today. Currently we have 31 different settings available for OneDrive for Business and when I am working with my customers I always recommend looking at the following settings;

– Disable the tutorial that appears at the end of OneDrive setup
– Prevent users from changing the locaton of their OneDrive folder
– Prevent users from fetching files remotely
– Prevent users from moving their Windows known folders to OneDrive
– Prevent users from syncing personal OneDrive accounts
– Set the default location for the OneDrive folder
– Silently move Windows known folders to OneDrive
– Silently sign in users to the OneDrive sync client with their Windows credentials

Polices for Office Apps

This is a new kid to the block and only currently has one policies for OneDrive for Business but expect this to change massively over the course of 2020.

And thats your lot, please check out what Microsoft Endpoint Manager can do for you today as you maybe pleasantly surprised how powerful the Microsoft Cloud has become.

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