Require BitLocker -2016345708 (Syncml(404): The requested target was not found)

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During a Windows 10 pilot roll-out, I have run into the following issue where the Device Compliance Policy is shown an error for Require BitLocker but however, Encryption of the data storage on the device was compliant?


This issue was being caused PCR7 Configuration stating “Binding Not Possible”. The resolution of this message is to UPDATE YOUR BIOS!! The devices were newly purchased but required an urgent patch to their BIOs.

Required Steps

  • Decrypt/suspend BitLocker in order to install the latest firmware.
  • Install the BIOs
  • Reboot device
  • Turn on BitLocker

Once the device has again checked in for its Device Compliance Policy, both Encryption of data storage on the device and Require BitLocker should be compliant.

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