Using Azure Blob Storage for your Intune applied Lock Screen and Desktop Backgound

Leveraging your Azure subscription for Microsoft Intune massively reduces the requirements for on-premises infrastructure. In this post I will show you how to use Azure Blob Storage to provide the Lock Screen and Desktop background all with the power of the Microsoft Cloud.

First up you will need to create a storage account within your Azure subscription.

Create Storage Account

Specify the following;
– Resource Group
– Storage Account Name
– Location (Europe) UK South

Specify settings

Once the storage account has successful created, you will need to go to the resource

Go to resource

Go to “Containers”
Create new “Container”
Specify the name of the Container
Specify the Public Access level as “Blob”
Then click ok

Specify settings

Click on your new “Container”

Created Container

Click Upload
You will need to upload your required .jpg file

Click on the uploaded file and you will be provided a URL which can be used

Provide the URL into your required destination for example Lock Screen as shown below

As you can see from below my Lockscreen and Desktop backgrounds are what I have specifed.

Image for Lockscreen
Image for Desktop

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