Is Get-ADUser a bit slow in getting required result? Hello ADSISearcher using PowerShell.

Sometimes Get-ADUser just isn’t enough if you are working thousands upon thousands of AD Objects. In a recent scenario, while resolving an Active Directory Health issue. I needed the ability to be able to compare AD Objects from 2 Active Directory Domains from within a resource forest.

What is ADSISearcher?

ADSISearcher is a command line driven LDAP Lookup procedure has the ability to query Active Directory. As ADSISearcher looks up Active Directory it enables a faster discovery of the required AD Objects.

My scenario

I need to ensure CustomAttribute10 in matches CustomAttribute10 in, yes I could use Get-ADUser | export-csv but this has proved to take to long and needed a faster solution.

ADSISearcher has proved to reduce the time required to execute this script and dumping out to a transcript file with “,” separating the text allows the information to be imported to excel if required.

The script

Write-Host "You are currently running Version 1.0" -BackgroundColor DarkGray
[string] $Menu = @'
ADSISearcher for CustomAttribute10
Created by @thewatchernode
Start-Transcript -Path "$env:userprofile\Desktop\Child1vsChild2.txt"
Start Time
$start = [datetime]::Now
region Client Array
$Child1LDAPFilter = '(objectclass=user)'
$PageSize = 1000
$Child1DN = 'DC=child1,DC=domain,DC=com'
$Child1SB = 'DC=child1,DC=domain,DC=com'
$Child1Searcher = [ADSISearcher]('{0}' -f $child1LDAPFilter)
$Child1Searcher.SearchRoot = [ADSI]('GC://{0}' -f $Child1SB)
$Child1Searcher.SearchRoot = [ADSI]('GC://{0}' -f $child1DN)
$Child1Searcher.PageSize = $PageSize
$Child1Objects = $Child1Searcher.FindAll()
region Collab Array
$Child2SB = 'DC=child2,DC=domain,DC=com'
$Child2DN = 'DC=child2,DC=domain,DC=com'
region Client vs Collab
Foreach($Object in $child1Objects){
$childca10 = $Object.Properties.'customattribute10'
$Child2LDAPFilter = "(objectclass=user,customattribute10=$childca10)"
$child2Searcher1 = [ADSISearcher]("{0}" -f $child2LDAPFilter)
$child2Searcher1.SearchRoot = [ADSI]("GC://{0}" -f $Child2SB)
$child2Searcher1.SearchRoot = [ADSI]("GC://{0}" -f $Child2DN)
$child2Searcher1.PageSize = $PageSize
#$AllObjects1 = $collabSearcher1.FindAll()
$nullvalue = $object.Properties.'customattribute10'
if ($nullvalue -eq $null)
Write-Host 'INFO, Null Value Found in Child Domain 1,' $Object.Properties.samaccountname -BackgroundColor Red
($Object.Properties.'customattribute10' -eq $child2searcher1.Properties.'customattribute10')
Write-Host 'Skipping, Attribute match found in Child domain 2 using Child domain 1,' $Object.Properties.samaccountname -ForegroundColor Green
Write-Host 'INFO, No Attribute match found in Child domain 2 using Child domain 1,' $Object.Properties.samaccountname -BackgroundColor Red
Stop Transcript
End Time
$end = [datetime]::Now
$resultTime = $end - $start
Write-Host ('Execution : {0}Days:{1}Hr:{2}Min:{3}Sec' -f $resultTime.Days, $resultTime.Hours, $resultTime.Minutes, $resultTime.Seconds)


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