PowerShell – How to format your PowerShell output into a table using Format-Table

When working with PowerShell and using a (get-command | fl or format-list) you will receive a whole list of information which sometimes can be difficult to digest as shown below. In most cases normally you are only after one or two peices of key information

Get-SPOSite | Format-List

Using Format-List or LT you can specify the required information into something a bit more readable.

For example, I am currently working Get-SPOSite (SharePoint Online Sites) and I would like to know if any of the sites have sharing capabilities and site defined sharing capabilities.

# Command
Get-SPOSite | Select-Object -Property URL,SharingCapability,SiteDefinedSharingCapability | ft
Get-SPOSite | Select-Object -Property URL,SharingCapability,SiteDefinedSharingCapability | ft

As you can see from the above image the output for the required fields is more readable to my needs. You can use this approach for many different scenarios and maybe within a technical script you are writing for a deployment or an action.


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