Detect, Remove, Destroy and Upgrade your Microsoft Teams Module`

The following script has been designed to detected, remove and upgrade your Microsoft Team PowerShell Module.

How does it work?

The script will initial check if you are running a PowerShell window with evaluated privileges as this is a prerequisites to running this script. Once Administrative privileges have been detected it will compare the installed version of the Microsoft Teams module against the online version located the PSGallery. If the online is greater than the installed version, the script will use the uninstall-module cmdlet to remove the previous version and install the latest version from the PSGallery.

If your installed version matches the online version no actions will be taken.

This script also includes an output of the installed client version of Microsoft Teams with its Ring and Environment information as shown below


Version 1.3 – List of improvements

  • Detect if Microsoft Teams module isn’t installed
  • Detect if Microsoft Teams Client isn’t installed

  • Better error capturing
  • Tested for Microsoft Teams Module Version 1.0.0

Version 1.4 – List of improvements

  • Convert elements of the script into functions after identifying an issue
Detect-MicrosoftTeams-Version (1493 downloads)


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