Power Automate and Microsoft Teams Tips: Approval request process for a new Microsoft Teams Team

Over the coming weeks I am going to be doing Power Automate post to demostrate the ability to automate workloads within Microsoft 365. Today, I am going look at configuring an Approval process for the creation of a Microsoft Teams Team

Configuring a SharePoint List

I am no expert when it comes to SharePoint but any expert in “Share Pint” as how does love a good drink now and then. So back on topic within your SharePoint Online Site you need to create a new list as shown in the image below.

Give your SharePoint List a name and description for future reference.

As you can see from the below, I have create a number of columns to capture the information I would like to include into the approval process.

Column NameColumn Type
TitleTitle used for the Team Name.
DescriptionSingle line of text used to store the project description.
VisibilityChoice with the following options: “Private” and “Public”. Indicates if a team should visible to non-team members.
OwnersPerson or Group with Allow multiple selections enabled.
MembersPerson or Group with Allow multiple selections enabled.
JustifcationMultiple line of text used

Configuring Power Automate

Create a new Flow from the SharePoint List > Automate > Power Automate > See your Flows

Click New > Automated from blank. Provide a Flow name, i.e. “Request – New Microsoft Teams Team Provisioning”,

Select the SharePoint “When an item is created” trigger and click “Create”.

Select your Site Address and List Name from the drop down lists

Create a Start and wait for an approval condition. I have populated the below with information that I required within my own tenant.

Select Apply to each condition and select responses

Select Responses Approver response is equal to Approve

This section is now a bit more complex as I have decided to include an email notification if the request was a approved or rejected. If you follow the screenshot below you will see that I am using the SharePoint List items to provide Team Name, Description, Visiability fields and leveraging the list to include information into the email notification. You dont need to add email notifications into your flow but this is how you would do it.

Now we need to apply each Owner and Member to the new Microsoft Teams and this is completed as followed.

We have now completed the flow, so lets go and create the request. As shown below.

This will now generate a request to the approvers email address and when they click approve the team will be created as shown below with all the Owners and Members you defined.

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