Understanding the Microsoft 365 Licencing SKUs Names

Sometimes understanding the Licences SKU names can be quite difficult so here’s all the Microsoft 365s as of 16th October 2020 and a much friendly name. So, understanding the names are no longer a chore.

Licence NameFriendly Name
O365_BUSINESS_ESSENTIALS      Office 365 Business Essentials
O365_BUSINESS_PREMIUM      Office 365 Business Premium
DESKLESSPACK      Office 365 (Plan K1)
DESKLESSWOFFPACK      Office 365 (Plan K2)
LITEPACK      Office 365 (Plan P1)
EXCHANGESTANDARD      Office 365 Exchange Online Only
STANDARDPACK      Enterprise Plan E1
STANDARDWOFFPACK      Office 365 (Plan E2)
ENTERPRISEPACK      Enterprise Plan E3
ENTERPRISEPACKLRG      Enterprise Plan E3
ENTERPRISEWITHSCAL      Enterprise Plan E4
STANDARDPACK_STUDENT      Office 365 (Plan A1) for Students
STANDARDWOFFPACKPACK_STUDENT      Office 365 (Plan A2) for Students
ENTERPRISEPACK_STUDENT      Office 365 (Plan A3) for Students
ENTERPRISEWITHSCAL_STUDENT      Office 365 (Plan A4) for Students
STANDARDPACK_FACULTY      Office 365 (Plan A1) for Faculty
STANDARDWOFFPACKPACK_FACULTY      Office 365 (Plan A2) for Faculty
ENTERPRISEPACK_FACULTY      Office 365 (Plan A3) for Faculty
ENTERPRISEWITHSCAL_FACULTY      Office 365 (Plan A4) for Faculty
ENTERPRISEPACK_B_PILOT      Office 365 (Enterprise Preview)
STANDARD_B_PILOT      Office 365 (Small Business Preview)
VISIOCLIENT      Visio Pro Online
POWER_BI_ADDON      Office 365 Power BI Addon
POWER_BI_INDIVIDUAL_USE      Power BI Individual User
POWER_BI_STANDALONE      Power BI Stand Alone
POWER_BI_STANDARD      Power-BI Standard
PROJECTCLIENT      Project Professional
PROJECTONLINE_PLAN_1      Project Online
PROJECTONLINE_PLAN_2      Project Online and PRO
ProjectPremium      Project Online Premium
EMS      Enterprise Mobility Suite
RIGHTSMANAGEMENT_ADHOC      Windows Azure Rights Management
MCOMEETADV      PSTN conferencing
SHAREPOINTSTORAGE      SharePoint storage
PLANNERSTANDALONE      Planner Standalone
BI_AZURE_P1      Power BI Reporting and Analytics
INTUNE_A      Windows Intune Plan A
PROJECTWORKMANAGEMENT      Office 365 Planner Preview
ATP_ENTERPRISE      Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection
EQUIVIO_ANALYTICS      Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery
AAD_BASIC      Azure Active Directory Basic
RMS_S_ENTERPRISE      Azure Active Directory Rights Management
AAD_PREMIUM      Azure Active Directory Premium
MFA_PREMIUM      Azure Multi-Factor Authentication
STANDARDPACK_GOV      Microsoft Office 365 (Plan G1) for Government
STANDARDWOFFPACK_GOV      Microsoft Office 365 (Plan G2) for Government
ENTERPRISEPACK_GOV      Microsoft Office 365 (Plan G3) for Government
ENTERPRISEWITHSCAL_GOV      Microsoft Office 365 (Plan G4) for Government
DESKLESSPACK_GOV      Microsoft Office 365 (Plan K1) for Government
ESKLESSWOFFPACK_GOV      Microsoft Office 365 (Plan K2) for Government
EXCHANGESTANDARD_GOV      Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online (Plan 1) only for Government
EXCHANGEENTERPRISE_GOV      Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online (Plan 2) only for Government
SHAREPOINTDESKLESS_GOV      SharePoint Online Kiosk
RMS_S_ENTERPRISE_GOV      Windows Azure Active Directory Rights Management
SHAREPOINTWAC_GOV      Office Online for Government
EXCHANGE_S_ARCHIVE_ADDON_GOV      Exchange Online Archiving
EXCHANGE_S_DESKLESS      Exchange Online Kiosk
SHAREPOINTDESKLESS      SharePoint Online Kiosk
SHAREPOINTWAC      Office Online
YAMMER_ENTERPRISE      Yammer for the Starship Enterprise
EXCHANGE_L_STANDARD      Exchange Online (Plan 1)
MCOLITE      Lync Online (Plan 1)
SHAREPOINTLITE      SharePoint Online (Plan 1)
EXCHANGE_S_STANDARD_MIDMARKET      Exchange Online (Plan 1)
MCOSTANDARD_MIDMARKET      Lync Online (Plan 1)
DYN365_ENTERPRISE_PLAN1      Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan Enterprise Edition
ENTERPRISEPREMIUM_NOPSTNCONF      Enterprise E5 (without Audio Conferencing)
ENTERPRISEPREMIUM      Enterprise E5 (with Audio Conferencing)
MCOSTANDARD      Skype for Business Online Standalone Plan 2
PROJECT_MADEIRA_PREVIEW_IW_SKU      Dynamics 365 for Financials for IWs
STANDARDWOFFPACK_IW_STUDENT      Office 365 Education for Students
STANDARDWOFFPACK_IW_FACULTY      Office 365 Education for Faculty
EOP_ENTERPRISE_FACULTY      Exchange Online Protection for Faculty
EXCHANGESTANDARD_STUDENT      Exchange Online (Plan 1) for Students
OFFICESUBSCRIPTION_STUDENT      Office ProPlus Student Benefit
STANDARDWOFFPACK_FACULTY      Office 365 Education E1 for Faculty
STANDARDWOFFPACK_STUDENT      Microsoft Office 365 (Plan A2) for Students
DYN365_FINANCIALS_BUSINESS_SKU      Dynamics 365 for Financials Business Edition
DYN365_FINANCIALS_TEAM_MEMBERS_SKU     Dynamics 365 for Team Members Business Edition
FLOW_FREE      Microsoft Flow Free
POWER_BI_PRO      Power BI Pro
O365_BUSINESS      Office 365 Business
DYN365_ENTERPRISE_SALES      Dynamics Office 365 Enterprise Sales
RIGHTSMANAGEMENT      Rights Management
PROJECTPROFESSIONAL      Project Professional
VISIOONLINE_PLAN1      Visio Online Plan 1
EXCHANGEENTERPRISE      Exchange Online Plan 2
DYN365_ENTERPRISE_P1_IW      Dynamics 365 P1 Trial for Information Workers
DYN365_ENTERPRISE_TEAM_MEMBERS      Dynamics 365 For Team Members Enterprise Edition
CRMSTANDARD      Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional
EXCHANGEARCHIVE_ADDON      Exchange Online Archiving For Exchange Online
EXCHANGEDESKLESS      Exchange Online Kiosk
SPZA_IW      App Connect
WINDOWS_STORE      Windows Store for Business
MCOEV      Microsoft Phone System
VIDEO_INTEROP      Polycom Skype Meeting Video Interop for Skype for Business
SPE_E5 Microsoft 365 E5
SPE_E3 Microsoft 365 E3
ATA      Advanced Threat Analytics
MCOPSTN2      Domestic and International Calling Plan
FLOW_P1      Microsoft Flow Plan 1
FLOW_P2      Microsoft Flow Plan 2
        DeveloperPack  Office 365 Enterprise E3 Developer
EMSPremium  Enterprise Mobility + Security E5
RightsManagemnt Azure Information Protection Plan 1
DYN365_ENTERPRISE_CUSTOMER_SERVICE Dynamics 365 For Customer Service Enterprise Edition
POWERFLOW_P1  Microsoft PowerApps Plan 1
POWERFLOW_P2  Microsoft PowerApps Plan 2
AAD_PREMIUM_P1  Azure Active Directory Premium P1
AAD_PREMIUM_P2  Azure Active Directory Premium P2

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