Bye Bye Skype for Business Connector.

As Microsoft starts to contine to wind down Skype for Business Online, there is no longer a need to install the seperate module using the .exe file for the Skype Connector. The module has been in beta release of the Microsoft Teams module which has now been published to general availability (GA).

Update your MicrosoftTeam module to version 1.1.6 and you will find the cmdlet “New-CSOnlineSession” available to use. To make life easier, check out my Get-InstalledModulesUpdate.ps1 from my GitHub. This PS1 file will look at all installed modules on your client machine and update according.

Here is the current versioning information for MicrosoftTeams module.

September 20201.1.6Skype for Business Online Connector integration
September 20201.1.5-previewSkype for Business Online Connector integration
July 20201.1.4Added group policy assignment cmdlets
June 20201.1.3-previewSkype for Business Online Connector integrationGet-Team optimizationsEnhanced reliability
June 20201.0.7Added Cmdlet preloading.Net Framework optimizations
April 20201.0.6Authenticode and assembly signingAdded Get-CsPolicyPackageAdded Get-CsUserPolicyPackageAdded Get-CsUserPolicyPackageRecommendationAdded Grant-CsUserPolicyPackageAdded New-CsBatchPolicyPackageAssignmentOperationAdded Set-TeamArchivedStateAdded Set-TeamPictureRemoved Get-TeamHelp
March 20201.0.5Added New-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperation
Feb 20201.0.4Get-Team optimizations

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