Does your organization need to COPE with Corporate Owned devices but Personal Enabled

Corporate-owned, personally enabled devices is now in preview

Microsoft Endpoint Manager aka Intune now supports Android Enterprise corporate-owned devices with a work profile for OS versions Android 8 and above. This solution enables Corporate-owned devices to run with a work profile and is a new corporate management scenario for Android Enterprise solution set.

This scenario is targetted for single user devices intended for corporate and personal use. This corporate-owned, personally-enabled (COPE) scenario offers:

  • work and personal profile containerization
  • device-level control for admins
  • a guarantee for end users that their personal data and applications will remain private

While the organization own the devices in my experience, the main thing organizations are mainly concerned about it “Data Security” so leveraging Work Profile to containerize the corporate data. Allowing the end user to use the device as they would if it was personal is a better option for work/life balance.

The first public preview release will include a subset of the features that will be included in the generally available release. Additional features will be added on a rolling basis. The features that will be available in the first preview include:

  • Enrollment: Admins can create multiple enrollment profiles with unique tokens that do not expire. Device enrollment can be done through NFC, token entry, QR code, Zero Touch, or Knox Mobile Enrollment.
  • Device configuration: A subset of the existing fully managed and dedicated device settings.
  • Device compliance: The compliance policies that are currently available for fully managed devices.
  • Device Actions: Delete device (factory reset), reboot device, and lock device.
  • App management: App assignments, app configuration, and the associated reporting capabilities
  • Conditional Access

Video to be release soon !!!

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