Preventing applications from being installed on Fully Managed Andriod devices

I recently saw a blog post discussing the challenges of preventing applications being installed on Fully Managed Android devices where the end-user able to install applications from the Public Store. In some very important cases, this can cause security concerns.

So let’s look at one app in particular…

Its has 3.7 million active users since its launch in 2016 and as not only an IT Professional but as a parent I have also had my concerns.

Important Note

This process doesnt apply to devices being managed in the following methods;
– Work Profile
– Dedicated
– Device administrator
– Corporate-owned work profile

Browse to the Microsoft Endpoint Management Dashboard

Select Apps –> Android

Select Add –> Managed Google Play app

Search for the application you would like to block

Select the application

Press Approve

Press Done

Press Sync

Select Properties –> Assignments

For this post I am blocking the application on all devices as shown below

Save the configuration

Now any device that tries to download TikTok from the public Google Play store will not be able to find the application.

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