Troubleshooting PowerShell script delivered by Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Delivering PowerShell scripts to Windows 10 devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager is one of my favorite features but what do you do if the delivery of the script fails? There are two ways of checking for troubleshooting purposes

Using the Registry

By browsing the following location you able to see all the PowerShell script that has been applied to your Windows 10 device. With this, you will see Result/ResultDetails which provide if the execution was successful and any error message if not successful.


Using the Log File

The other option is using the CMTrace.exe tool which is apart of the 2012 Configuration Manager Toolkit. The link has been provided

This allows you to open the IntuneManagementExtension log file which is located in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs.

It highlights all the relevant warning and error messages in either Yellow or Red depending on the severity of the issue.

When you click on the failure you will receive details about the known issue that is causing the script to fail.

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