Microsoft Apps for Enterprise – Changing Channels, New Channel and Default changes.

Microsoft has now announced that Microsoft Apps for Enterprise will receive 3 changes to its product releases. These changes are currently In Development but I dont expect them to be in that state for long as I am already seeing one of the changes within my own tenant.

Changes to the current Channel Names

Over the lifetime of Office ProPlus which is now Microsoft Apps for Business, Microsoft have changed the name for the channels multiple time. So this new development isnt a surprise as Microsoft does love a name change.

Existing Channel NameNew Channel Name
Semi-AnnualSemi-Annual Enterprise
Semi-Annual (Targeted)Semi-Annual Enterprise (Preview)
Monthly (Targeted)Current (Preview)

New update channel for Microsoft Apps for Enterprise

In the past, there have only ever been 4 main Channels for Microsoft Apps for Enterprise (not including the insider release channels). Microsoft has announced that they are creating a new channel to help customers seeking to stay up to date with features updates, such as real-time collaboration and AI capabilities. This channel will be called Monthly Enterprise

Default Channel for new Office 365 Tenants

The existing Office 365 tenants you should be firmilar that Semi-Annual Channel is the default channel, however for new Office 365 tenants the default will become the Current Channel.

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