Windows 10 – Administrative Templates (Improvements)

Since the introduction of Administrative Template in Microsoft Intune as it was known at the time. I have tried to include my customers in the journey of adopting a “Cloud First” approach over on-premise Group Policies, as always in my experience. Most of the customers today have 10s to 100s of GPOS in place that are either legacy or not relevant to their environment today.

One of the biggest challenges for myself as a consultant was wading through the lines and lines of configuration options available in Administrative Templates.

So as you can see from the below, its just lines and lines of configuration settings

Now with the improvements to the Administrative Templates, we have the look and feel of on-premise Group Policy. This is a massive step in the right direction to ensure that any IT professional that hasn’t had any cloud experience receives a common interface they are used to.

If you still feel that Administrative Templates is still not quite there for your enterprise needs, do not fear MMAT is another great solution for understanding your current group policies and identify which polices can be migrated to the cloud using Custom OMA-URI profiles.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager portal will be removed from the Azure Portal. So get into the habit now of browsing to the home of modern management.

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