Deploying custom Microsoft Teams Backgrounds with Azure Blob Storage and Microsoft Endpoint Manager

In previous blogs I have mentioned how to install applications and perform customization using Azure Blob Storage. The following process use the same guidelines;

I have uploaded the images to a container within Azure, if you are unsure how to complete this please refer to;

The above post provides detailed information in configuring Azure Blob Storage for your needs.

Once you have the files you would like to push to the client devices.

Download the get-teamsbackgroundfromblobstorage.ps1 script from GitHub.

Modified the URLs to reference your Azure Blob Storage, as shown below

You will need to go to your Microsoft Endpoint Manager Dashboard –>

Then browse to Devices –> Scripts –> Add

Once you have added the modified script and assigned to the relevant Users or Device or both. At the next check in the PowerShell script will execute against the device to make the new background available.

As you can see from my image below, my 2 new images have appeared as options.

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