Enabling BitLocker for Windows 10 1903 or higher devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

In a world where security and encryption are becoming more and more important for organisations, it’s safe to say Microsoft is doing it’s part in empowering businesses to protect their corporate data on end user devices.

Today we are going look at how easy it is to enable Bitlocker for your corporate devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

So once you have logged into https://devicemanagement.microsoft.com you will need to browse to Devices –> Configuration Policies –> Create Profile

Select Windows 10 or Higher and Endpoint Protection, you will need to provide a profile name in order to save this configuration once complete.

As you can see below, once you go into Endpoint Protection –> Windows Encryption you are able to configure the ability to encrypt your Windows 10 devices. Ensure you read all configuration options to understand how the behaviour will affect your end user computers.

At the next check in once youve assigned this new profile of course, the device will start encrypting.

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