Configuring your time zone with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Isn’t it annoying when your time zone on your Azure AD Join, Hybrid Azure AD Joined or Autopilot enrolled device has the incorrect time?

Is there a simple way of resolving this issue for all devices?

Of course, there is… Now let’s look at how it is done.

First of all log into your Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin center via or the Azure Intune Portal. You will now need to create a new Device Configuration Policy with the following information


– Name = Something you can identify the profile easily
– Platform = Windows 10 and later
– Profile Type = Custom
Custom Profile – Device Configuration


Press Add
– Name = Set time zone
– Description: (Optional)
– Platform = ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/TimeLanguageSettings/ConfigureTimeZone
– Data type = String
– Value = What ever time zone you require (This information can be found here

Save your newly created policy and assign to the relevant group

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