Migrating from Skype for Business Online to Microsoft Teams at your pace, providing its done before July 2021 o’course

Its was announced a while back that Microsoft will be switching off Skype for Business Online in July 2021, which gives their customers time to look at the options for migrating to Microsoft Teams. In my own organization my approach was “Microsoft Teams Roadshow” where I demonstrated to the back office staff the power of Microsoft Teams then moved them to Teams Only. At Microsoft Ignite 2019 it has been announced of 2 new modes which Teams Administrators can implement within their businesses.

Adoption is the biggest challenge for any organization, so let’s look at the options available.

Skype for Business with Teams Collaboration

This allows users to still use Skype for Business for chats, calls and schedule meeting but they can use Teams for group collaboration.

Skype for Business with Teams collaboration and meetings

This allows users to still use Skype for Business for chats and calls but all meetings and group collaboration are undertaken within Teams.

Islands Mode

This allows users to use both Skype for Business and Teams features if you want to adopt usage in this approach.

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