Selectively wipe data using app protection policy access actions in Intune

Just a bit like Thanos you can selectively wipe your corporate data if you have implemented app protection policy. This provides extra flexibility for managing your corporate data across company and non-company owned device. I am currently working on an organisation where users are nervous enrolling their personal devices via the Company Portal. As an Administrator has the ability to completely Factory Reset their devices but with selectively wiping only corporate data using a particular app like (Outlook) has calmed their woes.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone is human and mistakes can be made but educating your Service Desk or responsible parties for InTune in using selective wipe reduces the risk of the Thanos Factory Reset Button.

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Captain America “No you won’t Factory Reset my device”

Create an app protection policy using access actions

Click Client Apps –> Click App Protection Policies

Create Policy

Create Policy

Provide Information for Name, Description and Platform Fields
Select Apps

Select all the applications you would like to manage with selective wipe
Press Select

Under Settings you can either leave the defaults or modify to your requirements.
Press Create to finish the creation of the Application Protection Policy you can repeat this process for other platform you if you require.

Wiping Applications

Under App selective wipe
Click Create wipe request

Under Users
Find a select the users who you would like to wipe
Under Device
Select the device you would like to wipe

Important Notice

Please note: It can take anywhere up to 30 minutes for this process to complete, I have seen it take up to nearly 45 minutes within my own testing.

Once the applications are listed as completed, on the select device all corporate data will be removed safety not affecting another the users normal mail accounts or applications.

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