Working with Variables located in PowerShell Functions

I have been recently working on updating a number of my PowerShell scripts and ran into an issue where my variables were unavailable within a function. The resolution for this is making the variables globally available to all the function(s) that are contained within your script.

So, as you can see below. I have configured my script blocks into Functions and converted the Parameter variables into $Global: variables. This will allow the Get-MailMessage function to use the $Global: variables within its own function

Without $Global:
With $Global:

However, there is one more step required to ensure that the variables can use the globally defined variables. I have a configure region within my script that contains all my defined variables and in here I have put for example $Global:Variable = $Global:Variable

$Global:Variables = $Global:Variables

As you can see from above image the variables located in New-MailMessage function are not highlighted in yellow.

Tools of the trade

The reason for the highlighted variables within my script, I use a tool called PowerShell ISE There is a slight cost but well worth it if you are regularly building scripts.


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