Microsoft Teams module now in GA

Its been a long road but Microsoft Teams PowerShell module version 1.0.0 is now available in GA. Microsoft has been working very hard in creating this module and have removed/introduction features into this release. So lets have a look at what we now can and cannot do with Microsoft Teams

So what’s removed?

So Microsoft have removed the following cmdlets

  • Get-TeamFunSettings
  • Get-TeamGuestSettings
  • Get-TeamMemberSettings
  • Get-TeamMessagingSettings
  • Set-TeamFunSettings
  • Set-TeamGuestSettings
  • Set-TeamMemberSettings
  • Set-TeamMessagingSettings

But do not fear, as the same functionality of these cmdlets have been integrated into Get-Team and Set-Team.

So what’s new?

  • Connect-MicrosoftTeams allows you to specify a Teams Government Environment (-TeamsEnvironmentName) that your organization is homed in.
  • Get-Team allows you to specify new filter and selection criteria to identify specific teams based off of new criteria, including the Visibility or Archived state of the teams.

So its time to start playing with the Teams module and seeing what interesting scripts can be generated.

Please Note: It is recommended to uninstall any previous version you may have installed. So check out this previous blog post i created

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