Skype for Business Server CU List

Being a Skype for Business SME, I also find it annoying searching the internet for the correct version number so heres my list

Skype for Business Server 2015

VersionCumulative UpdateKB Article
6.0.9319.537January 2019 (CU8)KB4464355
6.0.9319.534July 2018 (CU7)KB4340904
6.0.9319.516March 2018 (CU6 HF2)KB4086059
6.0.9319.514January 2018 (CU6 HF1)KB4074701
6.0.9319.510December 2017 (CU6)KB4036312
6.0.9319.281May 2017 (CU5)KB4012621
6.0.9319.277February 2017 (CU4 HF1)KB3207506
6.0.9319.272November 2016 (CU4)KB3199093
6.0.9319.259June 2016 (CU3)KB3149227
6.0.9319.235March 2016 (CU2)KB3134260
6.0.9319.102November 2015 (CU1)KB3097645

Skype for Business Server 2019

VersionCumulative UpdateKB Article

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