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Installing Office 365 ProPlus can be a bit of a headache and also there are many different tricks/hacks which can be implemented to test out the latest channels.

The Office ProPlus ToolKit script is built with following options to help you test and deploy ProPlus in the most effective way. This script is built with the following menu options

1) Configure Monthly Channel –>
2) Configure Semi Annual (Targeted) Channel –>
3) Configure Semi Annual Channel –>
4) Configure Monthly (Targeted) Channel –>
5) Configure Insider (Unsupported) Channel –>
6) Check your Office 365 ProPlus Configuration –>

7) Download the Office Readiness Toolkit for Add-ins & VBS –>
8) Download Microsoft FixIT Removal Tool –>
9) Download Offscrub Files (Office 03,07,10, O15 & O16) –>
10) Download Office 2016/2019/ProPlus Group Policy Templates –>
11) Download Office Telemetry Requirements –>

15) Download Office Deployment Tool (Official) –>
16) Download Pre-Loaded Office 365 Configuration Files –>

20) Install Office 365 ProPlus –>
21) Install SQL Express –>
22) Install SQL Management Studio –>
23) Install Office Telemetry Dashboard –>

30) Build your own configuration.xml ( –>
31) Install Office using your modified configuration.xml –>

This script has seen a number of updates recently which have been logged below


Get-OfficeProPlusToolKit.ps1 (655 downloads)

Change Log

Version 1.1 – Features

  • Download Pro-Loaded Office 365 Configuration Files – This contains Office 365 ProPlus and Office 2019. This option supports menu 20 which calls the downloaded setup.exe and xml files.
  • Support for PowerShell Version 5 – This script using Version 5 to expand Zip archives which allows the script to call the contents. If Version 5 is not detected you will be prompted to extract the required files manually.

Reporting Issues

If you identity any issues within running the script please email

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