Office365 and PowerShell DSC? Whats this all about

Just come across an interesting blog post about Office365DSC Module and like a kid in the candy store. Just had to have it and start playing

The module has been created by a number of Microsoft Premier Field Engineers (PFE’s) and its very much in the earlier stages but supports the following.

  • O365Group: Office 365 Groups (Security, Distribution List, Mail enabled and Office 365)
  • O365User: Office 365 User and Licenses
  • SPOSite: SharePoint Online site collection

The blog is quite vague of information but the goal is to make the community aware that the effort is currently undergoing, and that if people want to contribute to it, that they are encouraged to report issues, comments/feedback or to fork and submit Pull Requests to help out with the code base.

To install the Early Preview, run the following line of Powershell

install-module – Name Office365DSC -AllowPrerelease

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