Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module Updates (Version 0.9.6 now available)

Microsoft have recently released an update to the Microsoft Teams powershell module, in this update we see 3 new exciting additions allowing more control for your Microsoft 365 Global Adminstrator or dedicated Microsoft Teams Service Administrator.

New-Team -Owner Parameter

You can now create Microsoft Teams using the Owner parameter

Edit all Teams settings on all Teams without ownership

Now as a Microsoft 365 Global Admin or Microsoft Teams Service Admi, you can edit all setting within a Microsoft Team located within your tenant.

What no licence require?

The administration account no longer requires a Microsoft Teams Licence in order to use the PowerShell Module

So now lets update Microsoft Teams PowerShell module.

I have created the following script which will check your client machine to see what version is installed and install the latest version.

Detect, Remove, Destroy and Upgrade your Microsoft Teams Module`


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